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How to Use Organization Settings

Admins can tailor their Organization Settings to best suit their administrative needs and make Crew work the most efficiently for their business.

Here are the settings you can change from the Admin tab.

Edit Organization

Tap the Edit icon next to your Organization’s name to

  • Change the Organization’s name
  • Add or change a photo of your Organization’s logo

Change your Org’s name or logo from here


From this section you can manage

Tap “View all add-ons” to see even more features, including Birthdays and scheduling and rostering integrations.


Admin Add-ons

Note If you don’t see the Add-on you’re looking for, check under “View all add-ons.”

Crew Pro

From here you can manage your Crew Pro subscription and see at a glance when it needs to be renewed.



  • Set the duration for which your Org’s Calendar history is kept (see Note)
  • Set the day of the week on which your Org’s work week begins

Time Zone

  • Set the appropriate Time Zone for your Organization

Profanity & Harassment

Note  Some features are available only to Crew Pro and Crew Enterprise subscribers. 



Admins can control settings for multiple features from here