All About Time Zones

In some parts of the country you live so far from the next time zone that you don’t need to think about it much unless you’re jetlagged after a vacation flight. But in other regions your business might be right across a time zone line from your home, or from your employees’ homes. This can cause some confusion with shift and schedule times—unless your app Time Zone is properly set.

Time Zone Setting

Locate the Time Zone setting at the bottom of your Admin screen. Tap on it to access a list of worldwide time zones. Select the one that corresponds to the location of your Organization.

  Change your time zone setting from here

Why Time Zone Is Important

It’s important to set your Time Zone to match the location of your Organization because if your Time Zone setting remains unset, or is set for somewhere other than the location of your Organization, every time you utilize a feature that is time sensitive—such as a shift time or a weekly schedule—it will correspond to the time zone of the phone depending on where it happens to be at the time. This can result in shifts or schedules—not to mention notifications—that don’t sync up with the clocks of the people using them. Once your app Time Zone is set appropriately, anything you do within Crew will remain true to the Organization’s Time Zone, regardless of where you happen to be at the time. And even if your business and non-business locations are within the same zone you will always be covered when you, and your phone, travel.

Fixing Time Zone Problems

If you’ve already set up Repeating Tasks you can edit them after setting the Time Zone, if necessary. Be sure to Save once you’ve corrected the times. Templates for Regular Shifts must be deleted and re-configured after correcting the Time Zone setting.

If your time settings still seem out of sync, try killing the app and restarting it.


Note  If you have business locations in different time zones, you should create different organizations for them, as each organization can have its own Time Zone setting.