Command Center: Announcements and Chats


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It’s easy to stay in touch with all your organizations from the Command Center interface—whether you want to get your message across (with the Announcements feature) or see what others are saying (the Chats feature).

Announcements Page: Getting Your Message Across

View Recent Announcement Details

The Announcements page makes it easy to tell how the messages you send from Command Center are getting across. You’ll also be able to see who sent it, to whom, how many employees read and/or acknowledged it, and what percentage of the entire team that represents.

Use the “See Details” button to see messages sent within your organizations in their entirety and track readership by organization.

Send an Announcement

Make announcements that will be broadcast across your entire company, or to just a portion of your organizations. To start a new announcement, tap the "New announcement" button in the upper right corner of the Announcements page.

  • Manually select particular organizations for a particular announcement, or
  • Use “Org Sets” to group together the organizations that always need the same types of communications
  • Send your message under a company alias
  • Announcements can include images, videos, and PDFs, as well as text
  • Request message confirmation 

Delete an Announcement

You can delete any existing broadcast announcement through the Announcements page in your Command Center by tapping the 3 dots next to the message to remove, tapping Delete Announcement, and then tapping Delete

Chats Page: Taking the Pulse of Your Business

View messages from each organization’s public chats to get a feel for the mood and dynamics of any given group. Because this is a read-only feature, you can tap into the environment without spending extra time as a participant.

Note  You do have message-deleting capability.

Simply select an organization and choose the group you want. Public groups include

  • Announcements
  • Location groups
  • “Everyone@. . .”