How to Remove Yourself From an Organization


Removing yourself from an Organization completely removes your Crew connection with it. All messages to you from that Organization will stop, and you will be unable to send messages to it. If you are the last person in that Organization you will effectively delete it from the Crew app by leaving.

Here’s how to remove yourself from an Organization

  1. Tap your Profile photo at the top of the screen (Android: right) (iOS: left)
  2. Select “View Profile”
  3. Under “Organizations,” tap “Edit” next to the organization you’d like to remove from your profile
  4. Tap “Leave Organization” and confirm it.

Here’s how to remove yourself from an organization

That organization will now be removed from your profile. If that was your last organization, you’ll be logged out of the Crew app. If you’re looking to remove your profile entirely from Crew, learn how here.

The only way to reconnect with the organization will be to receive a new invitation from a current team member.