There are times when you need simple reactions from a group of people, but you want them now, and without a lot of fuss.

Manager “I’m buying lunch for the meeting. Pizza? Burritos? Noodles?”

If everyone were in the same room how would you handle it? You’d take a quick poll, of course. But your team members are scattered all over the location site. What can you do?

With Crew, you can take a poll, of course!

Here’s how.

1. Send out a message to your team, matching each possible response with a reaction icon


      Here’s how to set up a Reaction Poll

2. Your team members respond by choosing the appropriate icon, and because each recipient can only chime in with any particular icon one time per message, what you have is a nice, neat poll, achieved without a lot of notifications flying back and forth.

      Use reaction icons to take an informal poll

Noodles it is!


Note  Reaction icons can do lots of useful things within the app. Check out this article to find out more.