Off-the-Clock Status


       Which plans can use this feature?     Enterprise 


Make your messages count by sending them at the right time. Using scheduling data, Crew lets you know when the people you want to communicate with might be unavailable to see your message.

Enable Off-the-Clock Status

This feature is available to Crew Enterprise users. To get started, reach out to your Crew Customer Success Manager. 

Using Off-the-Clock Status

In your Coworkers list, team members who aren’t on the clock will show a “Not working” status, which lets you know more than just that someone is off line.

If a team member is off the clock, the Coworkers list will let you know

You’ll also see the “Not working” designation if you initiate a message to someone who’s not at work. It will appear under their name at the top of the Message screen.

      You’ll see that your intended recipient is off the clock when you start to message them

If you’re sending a message to a Group chat, the status line will let you know how many members of that Group aren’t working at that time.

         You’ll see how many members of a Group are off the clock

If you decide to send your message anyway, you may see an option to delay the sending of your message until the recipient is back at work, if this Enterprise-only feature has been enabled for your Organization.