How to Message Coworkers

It's not always convenient, or even possible, to communicate with your coworkers face-to-face, especially when the conversation is between multiple people. Crew makes it easy for the whole team to send and receive messages. 

How to Send a Message

From the Chats Tab 

Your Chats tab will show the messages you've sent, or replied to, and the messages you've received. Tapping on a message thread will display the entire thread.

  1. From Chats tab tap the New Message icon in top right (iOS) or bottom right of the screen (Android)
    • Type the recipients name in the "To:" line, OR
    • Scroll through the list of your coworkers and select the recipient or Group
  2. Tap the "Send a message" bar to open up the screen for composing your message. You can also choose to send a GIF, photo (take one or select one), or voice message
  3. When you've finished composing your message, tap the Send icon
  • You can add additional recipients from within the New Message screen, if you decide to do that at a later point, by tapping on the Additional People icon in the "To:" line.
  • You may be informed that your recipient, or some of your recipients, aren't currently on the clock. You'll have a choice to send the message anyway, or to delay sending it until they return to work. (See Off the Clock Status for more details on this feature.)

From the Coworkers Tab 

You can also send a message by selecting the recipient or recipients from the Coworkers tab, and tapping the "Send a message" bar.

Sending to an Individual 

You can send a direct message to an individual coworker. (See above for more details.)

Sending to a Group 

You can send a message to a designated Group or an ad hoc group of coworkers.

  • When initiating a message through the Chats tab, the Groups of which you are a member will be interspersed alphabetically with individual coworkers in the recipients list; from the Coworkers tab, your Groups are listed separately, above the Coworkers list.
  • All team members are automatically members of the "Everyone" Group—consisting of all of the employees in the Organization—and can send messages to this Group.
  • You can also choose to send an Announcement if you are an Admin, or your Admin has enabled non-Admins to send Announcements.

Replying to a Message

To reply to a message, select it the Chats tab and tap the message bar to compose your reply.

Note  Users with iOS devices can respond to a single communication in any Org-owned message thread by swiping right on that communication. Everyone will see the response, but they'll know exactly what it's in response to.

Deleting Messages

You can delete individual messages or Group conversations, as needed, to declutter your screen or to remove items that were created in error or have lost their relevancy. To find out more, see Deleting Messages and Groups.

Message Privacy

Most messages are private and accessible only to the people involved in the conversation, unless

  • It's an Announcement, "Everyone" or Location message
  • The Message Visibility feature has been turned on in Command Center to enable Admin access to all messages

If the message has been made accessible, you'll see a note that it's a "Public message" in the compose bar. (For more details, see the Message Privacy article.)