All About Location Groups

Note  This feature will be sunset by 12/31/2022 and no longer supported. In the interim, new Location Groups cannot be created, but existing ones will be available for use. 


Which plans can make this feature admin-only?     Pro, Enterprise


The Location Groups feature helps you communicate with the employees who are currently working, leaving alone the ones who are at home. It’s completely automatic and easy to set up.

What is a “Location Group”?

When you send a message to “Everyone@[your Organization]” every member of the team gets the notification. That’s useful if you want to send out a communication to every single person in the Organization. But what if you have a message that’s only pertinent to the team of people currently at work? For example, you might let them know that a storm is coming and please pull in the patio umbrellas. If you send that message to “Everyone” it will end up creating a lot of unnecessary notification noise.

You can tell which groups are Location Groups because the icon comes up as a map with a location symbol on it, unlike the other groups which have the message box symbol. When the map icon is tapped it’s immediately clear who is at work at that particular moment, and if a message is sent to that group only those people will be notified.

 Here’s how a Location Group appears in your Groups list

Setting up a Location Group

Setting up a Location Group is easy. Admins of your organization (see Note) can create new Location Groups with the following steps

  1. From the Coworkers tab go to “Manage” your Groups
  2. Tap the “+” sign at the top right of the screen
  3. Scroll all the way down to “New Location Group” at the bottom of the list, and tap the box
  4. Type in the address of the new Location Group, or choose your current location, and tap “Next.” The more accurate the address, the more accurate Crew will be in tracking who is there.
  5. Name your Location Group, if you choose. For example “Store #3”
  6. Set the location size. This can be useful if you have a very large location. (See Good to Know below.)
  7. Tap “Create”

Here’s how to setup a new Location Group

You can set up as many Location Groups as you like, but under normal circumstances it will only be one group per physical location of your business.

Rename or delete a Location Group by tapping on it within the “Manage” Groups capability of the Coworkers screen, or from “Manage all groups” on the Admin screen. Tapping the filter icon in the top right of the screen opens the dialog box.

Delete or rename a Location Group from here

Good to Know

  • Crew recommends that you set your location radius to be somewhat bigger than the actual physical space to account for employee phones that are less than perfectly accurate.
  • In order to properly show up in Location Groups, your employees will have to grant Crew permission to access the location on their phone.
  • Crew never actually tracks employees’ locations; the feature merely reports whether or not any team member is physically at work. So your employees’ privacy is one hundred percent safe.
  • Because Crew doesn’t track users locations from moment to moment, the effect of this feature on device battery life is very minimal.

Note Crew Pro subscribers have the option to enable non-admins to create new Location Groups.

  1. From the Admin tab tap on “View all add-ons”
  2. Tap the “Manage” button on the Crew Pro center
  3. Toggle this permission in the “Organization” section