How to Request Time Off


Which plans can use this feature?     Pro, Enterprise


You can't get away from it—a big part of scheduling is knowing when you and your coworkers are not going to be on the job. Crew helps make the process of requesting time off smooth and efficient for everyone.

Adding the Time Off Feature

An Admin will need to add the Time Off feature for the Organization in order for team members to make time-off requests.

  1. From the Admin tab scroll down to the Time Off add-on. (You may have to tap "View all add-ons" to view the entire list.) 
  2. Tap "Add" in the Time Off box

    An Admin must add the Time Off feature from the Admin tab

Note Admins can also manage the Time Off feature from the Admin tab. For instructions on uninstalling the Time Off feature, see Note at the bottom of this article.

Time Off will now be enabled for the Organization and will appear as a line item in the Chats tab, next to the Palm Tree icon icon. All time-off requests and approvals can now be accessed from there.

Team Members—Requesting Time Off

Here's how to request time off

  1. Tap the Time Off line item in your Chats tab
  2. Tap the "Request time off" button
  3. Set the appropriate start and end dates, and tap "Done" or "OK," depending on the device. If you don't specify an end date your request will automatically be for a single day.
  4. Add a comment to your request, if you choose
  5. Tap "Save" or the Check icon, depending on the device 

Even after you save your request, you can still choose to delete it at this point. See below for details on deleting your request at a later stage.

Note If you have an existing time-off request and you need to make another, tap the "+" in the top right of the Time Off screen to set the additional request.

What Happens Next

At this point you can still choose to delete your request—either before it's been reviewed by an Admin or even after it's been approved—from the Time Off Details screen.

Your request will appear in the Time Off section of your Chats tab, and in your Calendar on the (first) day of your proposed time off. You can edit your request by opening it in either tab and then tapping dit from the Detail screen. You can cancel your request by opening it and tapping "Cancel Request" (Chats) or tapping the three dots and then "Delete" (Calendar).

Edit or delete a time-off request from here

When your request has been approved by an Admin, you'll receive a Notification letting you know; you'll also see it reflected in the Time Off line item of your Chats tab. You may want to alert your coworkers that you have an open shift that needs covering.

Team Member Note If you don't see a Time Off line item in your Chats tab, your Admin hasn't yet added, or has uninstalled, that feature.

Admins—Reviewing Time Off Requests

You'll receive a Notification when one of your team members has made a time-off request, and you'll see it reflected in your Time Off line item in your Chats tab. Tap on it to review the request, and to approve or deny it.

   Respond to a Time Off request from here

In fact, all of your Organization's Admins will get all time off–requests in the Time Off line item. Any Admin can approve a request, and all the others will see that it's been done.

Pending approvals will also appear as action items in the Team view of your Calendar tab. This can be helpful for tracking your employees' availability when planning future schedules. Make sure to take advantage of Crew's Availability feature to help keep track of when your team members are available to work. You can also review and respond to the request from here, if you wish.

In addition, approved time off will appear under the team member's name on the "Assign Shift" screen when you're creating a new shift, so the info you need as always right there when you need it.

You can see approved time off when you're ready to assign a shift

Uninstalling the Time Off Feature

Admins can uninstall the Time Off feature from the Admin tab or the Time Off entry in the Chats tab.

From the Admin tab

  1. Tap "Manage" next to the Time Off add-on (you may need to scroll down to see that add-on)
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right of the screen
  3. Select "Uninstall"

From the Time Off entry

  1. Tap the Settings wheel
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Select "Uninstall"