Desktop Scheduling: Team View

The desktop version of the Crew app gives you access to all the organizational data you’re used to having at your fingertips, but with a broader view and additional flexibility for when you’re not on the go. When you’re in the office, Desktop Scheduling allows you to see and administer your team’s schedule in two different ways.

You can choose to work with your Organization’s calendar in one of two modes

  • Agenda view  offers the same view of your team’s weekly calendar that you have in the mobile version of the app. From here you can: add meetings and shifts, get shift coverage, and request time off. For more on this topic, click here
  • Team view gives you a different organizational pattern of the same weekly schedule, available only for Admins, only from the desktop.

The Team view is available only on your desktop

The Team View Calendar

The Team View Calendar displays your Organization’s weekly schedule sorted by team member, instead of by time slot. While the Agenda view shows you what a day looks like, the Team view shows you who does what, and when they do it.

From the Team view you can easily create and edit shifts. You can also print a hard copy of the Team view schedule. Time-off blocks appear on the Team view calendar as well, and time-off requests can be approved from here. (For any additional time-off editing you must return to the Agenda view.)

Accessing the Team View Calendar

To access the Team view, tap on the Calendar tab in the desktop version of Crew and select Team view.

         Select “Team view” from the drop-down box

Team View Features

  • The calendar automatically displays the week you’re in, with the current day appearing in red. (Note To change the day on which your week begins, go to the “Manage” section of Crew Schedules under the Admin tab.)
  • Change the week on view using the “< >” buttons
  • Employees are listed alphabetically on the left side of the screen, and each cell displays shifts they have been assigned under the appropriate date. (Note Overnight shifts appear as extended cells that span both days in question, and hours are divided appropriately between the two days.)
  • The bottom panel of the calendar calculates the total number of shift hours that have been assigned for each day

Creating a Shift

To create a new shift

  1. Tap on the cell across from the employee being assigned the shift, and under the appropriate date
  2. Select the start time, and end date and time. (The start date is fixed when you choose a cell under that particular day.) Choose start and end times from the list of 15-minute increments.
  3. Add a shift title and any notes, if needed
  4. “Save” the shift

Editing a Shift

You can easily edit a shift if you need to make any changes to it later.

  1. Tap on the shift in question to view the shift Details box
  2. Tap “Edit” at the bottom right of the box 
  3. Make any necessary changes and tap “Save” 
  4. If more than one person is assigned to the same shift, a dialog box will open to ask if the changes apply to just the initial person or to everyone who has that shift. (See below for more information on assigning a shift to multiple employees.)

Multiple People Working the Same Shift

You can assign the same shift to more than one employee on any given day, without having to input all the shift details each time.

  1. Create the shift for the first team member, following the steps above
  2. Move to the next assignee, choosing a cell under the same date
  3. Tap on the cell; any shifts that have already been set up for that day will appear for you to select
  4. Tap on desired shift and it will pre-fill the second employee’s shift assignment

You can assign a pre-designated shift to multiple people

Note on Recurring Shifts

Recurring shifts can only be created in the Agenda view of the Organization’s calendar (or in the mobile version of the app). Recurring shifts created in the Agenda view will then appear in the Team view. Recurring shifts may be edited from the Team view on an individual basis; to edit an entire recurring series you must return to the Agenda view.