The Crew Excel Template—Automatically Sync Your Schedule

Note  This feature will be sunset by 12/31/2022 and no longer supported.

Many of our users create schedules in Excel and then upload them into the Crew app as photos or PDFs. By using the Crew Excel Template you can unlock rich scheduling and shift features in the app without doing any additional work.

When you use the Crew Excel template to create your schedule you can automatically sync shifts in Crew. And any changes you make to scheduling within Crew will automatically sync back with your Excel schedule. Here’s how it works.

Enabling the Feature

1. From the Admin tab, select the “Manage” button for Crew Schedule. (Note You must have the Crew Schedule feature added in order to manage it and to see the Excel Template option.)


2. Enter your email address and tap “Get Template.”


In a matter of moments you’ll see a green banner registering “email sent.” (Alternatively, you’ll see an error message if the email address is invalid.)

4. We’ll email you a link to the Crew-compatible Excel template

The Excel link will be valid for 15 minutes only, so make sure to access and download it as soon as possible. But if you miss the 15-minute window simply request the link again.

Note You must enable this feature within the Crew app; you will not be able to make a connection with Crew that allows you to sync your data starting from Excel.

Accessing the Excel Template

  1. Open the email link from a desktop. (Note: The Crew-compatible Excel template is not operable on mobile devices.)
  2. Download and open the Crew-compatible Excel template.

    On Apple computers you must also “OK” to enable macros.

  3. Click the “Refresh” button to import any schedule already in use in Crew, beginning on whichever day of the week you’ve previously selected in your Schedule settings

Using the Excel Template

Use the spreadsheet as you usually do. Any additions or changes to the times an employee works can now be easily altered here. A help box will appear every time you click in a field to provide you with a format model.

Follow the format model to input your data

Clicking “Save Changes” will push those changes into the app. (You’ll be alerted if there are unsaved changes.) Click “Refresh” every time you open your Crew-compatible Excel Template to pull changes made in the app back into the spreadsheet.

“Refresh” pulls changes from the app to the spreadsheat. “Save changes” pushes changes from the spreadsheet to the app


For example, if four employees are all scheduled to work the 3pm to 10pm shift and you change Employee A’s shift in the Excel template to begin at 4pm, when you return to the Crew app you’ll see that Employee A has been removed from the multi-person 3-10 shift and been assigned a separate 4-10 shift.

Template Details

All your Organization’s employees will automatically be listed in the template, and their names will appear exactly as they do within the Crew app. The employees listed in the Excel template will always exactly match the Coworkers who are a part of your Crew Organization. To include and/or remove additional employees, you must add or delete them within Crew from the Coworkers tab; it is not possible to add additional rows in the Excel template.

The template also totals up each employee’s weekly hours on the far right side of the screen.

        See total weekly hours assigned to each employee here

The template will open to a default week the first time you use it; after that it will always return to whatever week you were working with the last time had the template open. Change the date at the top of the screen to view different weeks.

View data from other weeks by changing the date here


Once you’ve got your schedule information entered in Crew, why not take advantage of our time-saving scheduling tools with Crew Schedule?

With Crew Schedule, Admins and team members can