How to Create a New Group


Which plans can make this feature admin-only?     Pro, Enterprise


Groups make it easy to communicate efficiently with the coworkers you talk to the most. Why plug in all the other bartenders names every time you need to send a message to the team? Why ask everyone in the Organization if they can cover a shift for you, when really only other bartenders can do it? The Groups feature is a handy shortcut that means you don’t have to. (For more information about the Groups feature, see How Groups Work.)

Starting a new group

  1. From the Coworkers screen scroll to the bottom of your Groups list (this may be behind the “Show All Groups” button)
  2. Tap “New Group”
  3. Select the team members you want to include in the group
  4. Tap “Create New Group”
  5. Name your group
  6. Tap “Done” on the keyboard

Here’s how to create a new Group

The new group will now appear on the Chats and Coworkers screens of all its invited members.


Note If you assemble the same people named in a pre-existing group, even under the same name, a duplicate group will be formed.