Command Center: Team Resources


Which plans can use this feature?   Enterprise


Use Team Resources to house information pertinent to all employees across your teams, regardless of when they join your company. This hub serves as a source of truth for critical job-related information, such as onboarding and training tools, up-to-date policies and procedures, and payroll information. 

This feature is available to Crew Enterprise customers through Command Center

Popular Team Resources

  • Employee onboarding and training resources such as videos and documents for new members
  • Direct contact information for core departments such as HR, Finance, Corporate, etc
  • Payroll information such as W-2s, payday, and benefits
  • Policies and procedures for your industry (ex. HIPAA, OSHA, etc)
  • Dress code
  • Employee best practices

Posting Team Resources

  1. In your Command Center, click on Team Resources on the left pane
  2. Click "Add new entry" in the upper right corner (or “Start your Team Resources page” the first time you're using this feature)
  3. Select your desired type of Team Resource page to add. You can select from the following: 
    • Header
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Website
    • File
    • Text
  4. Tap Next
  5. Enter the pertinent information and click Add

Editing and Organizing Team Resources

After posting a resource, you can edit and re-order it at any time through the Team Resources page.

  • To edit an item, tap the Edit button to the far right of the resource title, make your desired edits, and click Save.
  • To adjust the order of resource items, tap and drag the 3 lines on the left side of each resource title

Deleting Team Resources

  1. To remove an item from the Team Resources page, tap the Remove button to the far right of the resource title 
  2. Confirm the deletion

Viewing Team Resources in the App

All employees will receive a push notification 30 minutes after a Team Resource is posted. They'll be able to access the Team Resources at any time through their Crew app at the top of their Coworkers tab.