Command Center: Enterprise Tasks


Which plans can use this feature?    Enterprise (for an additional fee)


Enterprise Tasks allow above-store leaders to manage tasks assigned to front-line employees through Command Center. This feature helps Enterprise users keep their teams on track by quickly monitoring, assigning, and deleting tasks. Note The Enterprise Tasks page does not include tasks assigned at the organization level

Enable Enterprise Tasks

This feature is available to Crew Enterprise users for an additional fee. To get started, reach out to your Crew Customer Success Manager. 

Assign Enterprise Tasks

  1. Click on Tasks on the left pane of your Command Center screen
  2. Click the Create Task button in the upper right corner
  3. Enter the task details
    • Title (required)
    • Description
    • Attachments - Attach files like images, PDFs, and other documents
    • Assignees (required) - Select from organizations, shared groups, or users
    • Due date
    • Proof of completion - You can require assignees to submit proof of task completion via written or photo acknowledgement.  
    • Subtasks - Break down larger tasks into smaller subtasks
  4. Click the Save button in the upper right corner

Edit Enterprise Tasks

Currently, there is not a way to edit an Enterprise task. Please delete the task and create a new one.

Delete Enterprise Tasks

  1. In your Command Center, tap on Tasks on the left pane 
  2. Tap the 3 dots next to the task to delete
  3. Tap Delete

Customize Your View

You can configure your view in a few ways:

  • Filters - Filter Enterprise tasks in the top left corner of the page by
    • Completion status (complete vs incomplete)
    • Assigned status
    • Due status
    • Created by
  • Organizations - View all organizations or just specific ones by tapping the View button in the upper left corner
  • Drill down -  View the details of a specific task by tapping on its row. You can also delete the task from this view

View Enterprise Tasks in the Crew App

Once you've assigned a task to an employee, they will see it in the Tasks entry of their Crew app. When they mark it as complete, you'll see that reflected in the Completion column of the Tasks page in Command Center.