All About Audio/Video Messaging

Using the Chat function is a great way to communicate with your team members, but sometimes you need more than text. Crew lets you quickly send Audio/Video messages, and if you leave your chat view up the Audio or Video will autoplay, walkie-talkie style. Sending messages like this saves you the extra taps associated with recording a video and then saving it. And it’s perfect for those times when you have something to say but can’t stop to type it out. Use your voice instead, with or without an image.


Note  Admins of Crew Pro or Crew Enterprise subscriptions can disallow the video feature. 



Sending a video chat uses only a small keyhole view to quickly send what are primarily voice communications. You can still send full-sized videos when you need to transmit a large-scale or panoramic scene by tapping on the camera button in the Navigation bar.

    Use this icon to record and send full-sized video

Recording Your Message

Follow the same steps for recording both Audio and Video messages.

  1. From within an ongoing chat, tap on the Microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. (Even if you bring up the keyboard first, the icon will still be available to you.)
  2. Choose the appropriate icon to select the tool
    1. Microphone: for an audio-only message
    2. Camera: to record video of yourself
  3. Then press and hold the icon of your choice to record your message

Press and hold the appropriate button to record an audio or a video message

Raising your finger from the icon automatically sends the message. Or, keep your finger on the icon and slide left onto the “X” if you choose not to send it. (If you change your mind right after the message is sent, you can always delete via the Reaction menu.) 

Recipient If you’re mid-conversation the message will autoplay. If you’re busy elsewhere on the phone, or if your screen is locked, you’ll get a notification and you can tap on the message to play it later.

   An audio message waiting to be opened