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Time-Sensitive Notifications in iOS 15

With iOS 15's Focus mode, iOS users can automatically filter notifications based on what they’re currently doing. In order to receive shift and meeting notifications from Crew while the Focus mode is enabled, be sure to do the following:
  1. Enable time-sensitive notifications from the Crew App: Head to your phone's Settings app, tap on the Crew App, toggle on "Time-Sensitive notifications"
  2. Enable time sensitive notifications when your device's Focus mode is on: Head to your phone's Settings app, tap on the Focus entry, tap on your desired Focus type (ie. Do Not Disturb/Driving/Exercise), toggle on the "Time-Sensitive Notifications"
15 minutes before a shift or meeting, you’ll get a time-sensitive notification, and you can snooze the reminder for 5 minutes.
The first time we send a time-sensitive push notification, you'll see the option to allow time sensitive notifications.