How to Update Your Phone Number

Did you recently get a new phone number? Your Crew account is tied to your phone number so you’ll have a new account with a new phone number. If you are an organization Admin or a user in a Crew Enterprise organization, we can update your account so you have access to your original account. Here’s what you need to do to transfer your profile: 

  1. Log into the Crew app with your new phone number, and enter the PIN that’s sent to you.
  2. Send Crew Support a message requesting the update, including your old and new phone numbers. Crew Support can be reached directly through the app or by email at

Unfortunately, if you’re not an organization Admin or a Crew Enterprise user, we do not offer an option to update your number and you’ll need to create a new account with your new number. Reach out to the Admin on your team and have them invite you with your new number from the Coworkers tab.

Note If you have a new phone but the same phone number, you can access your existing profile by simply downloading the Crew app and logging in.