How Much Data Does Crew Use?

A huge amount of your business is conducted using your phone these days, and that can mean a huge amount of device data usage too. So you might be wondering—how much of that usage is the Crew app responsible for?

The answer is—a lot less than you might think. 

  • Sending messages between employees via Crew doesn’t count against text message limits, because Crew delivers all messages over data services. This is important to understand for employees who might be reluctant to utilize the app because of limited texting plans.
  • Because the data Crew uses is mostly text-based, it accounts for a tiny percentage of your overall data usage. In fact, if you sent only text messages in the app the amount of usage would be almost undetectable. And employees who install the app but don’t open it will be using practically no data at all.
  • Sending photos and, especially, videos can be responsible for spikes in data usage, so we’ve designed the app so that these large files are downloaded only when an employee actually taps to open them.
  • Providing employees with access to WiFi at work is a great way to decrease data usage.

Note  If necessary, employees can turn off cellular data usage by Crew within their phone settings.