All About Wage Tracker


Employees can track their weekly earnings through the app. It’s easy and completely private—intended solely for each employee’s personal reference. Wage Tracker has no connection to, or effect on, payroll, and no other employee or manager has access to your earnings numbers. To access your paystub, get in touch with your employer. 

Note Crew Schedule must be added to use the Wage Tracker feature. Any Admin can add Crew Schedule from the Admin tab.

Track your weekly wages with Wage Tracker

At the end of every week—whatever day that happens to be for you—the Wage Tracker box will appear in both the Team view and the Personal view of your Calendar tab. It automatically updates you on the number of your scheduled hours you’ve actually worked, and how much you’ve earned from that week, based on the hourly wage you’ll input the first time the screen appears. You can always edit the dollar amount per hour as necessary. (Depending on your device, you may have an “Edit” button in the Wage Tracker box, or you may need to tap the dollar amount to pull up the edit field.)

You can easily edit your hourly wage

Apple Watch wearers can keep up with Wage Tracker right on the watch, complete with updates in real time.

Apple Watch wearers can track their wages in real time

Apple Watch wearers can track their wages in real time