All About Team Files


Which plans can use this feature?     Pro, Enterprise

Use Team Files to share photos, videos, forms, training materials, policies, and more with your entire Organization.

You’ve probably already been sharing photos and videos with your team on Crew; Team Files allows you to upload and share other types of files like PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and gives you a permanent home to store them so that you—and your team—can easily access those files later on.

In contrast, Conversation Files lets you share files with only specific teammates within your Organization.

How to Enable Team Files

Team Files is a new add-on under your Admin tab. Admins must go to the Admin tab and “Add” Team Files to activate the feature.

files.a.jpg           files.png     

Admins can add the Team Files feature from their Admin tab (left) ; Crew Pro subscribers can customize the feature from here initially, or from their Admin tab at any time (right)

Once Team Files has been activated, anyone in the Organization can upload files to share, unless that capability has been restricted. (See Note) And anyone in the Organization will be able to view all uploaded files.

Note Subscribers to Crew Pro can restrict file uploading to Admins only. They can also restrict the ability to share or open these files outside the Crew app to Admins only.

These are the options Crew Pro subscribers have for Team Files customization

How To Use Team Files

You’ll find the Team Files feature on the Chats tab

Access Team Files from your Chats tab

  1. From the Team Files screen tap on “Add a file” to add a new file—or use the “+” icon specific to your device. (The first time you check out Team Files you’ll see some suggestions of the types of files you might want to upload; tapping on any of them will work just like “Add a file.”) To add a file you can
    • Take a photo
    • Upload a photo, or
    • Upload a file from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or anywhere else your device stores files
    • Scan documents (iOS users only). See Note below.
  2. Name the file, for example “Vacation Policy,” and tap “Done.” You’ll see a green banner across the top of your screen confirming “File uploaded.”

Here’s how to upload a file into Team Files

Note iOS users can also scan documents into Team Files. Click here to find out more.

That’s it! You can also rename or delete the file, if necessary, by tapping on the three dots that appear on the file image. Files that have pre-existing names will retain those names. Photos will be named “Photo” unless you rename them.

Rename or delete files from here

Everyone in the Organization will receive a message, e.g. “[Admin] uploaded “Vacation Policy” in the Team Files entry on their Chats tab, letting them know that a new file is available to view.

A message that a new file has been uploaded

Tapping the message  will take them to the Team Files screen, where they can view it. (Note Only the most recent file uploaded will appear in the message, but all files will be continue to be available on the Team Files screen under “Recent.”) Team members will also receive a Push Notification: “Vacation Policy is now available in Files.” Tapping the Push Notification will open the file immediately.


Sharing Team Files Outside of Crew

By default, any team member can open uploaded files outside of Crew. Subscribers to Crew Pro have the option to restrict this availability to Admins-only. To open a file outside of Crew tap the three dots on each file image and choose “Open in” from the menu, or tap “Open in” directly from the top of the view of the file itself.

A variety of options are available, from emailing the file to saving it to your device.

Choose where you want to open the file

There’s no limit on the number of files you can upload, but there is a 50MB file-size limit. A caution message will appear with very large files, giving team members notice that they may want to consider their data usage limits before opening.