Crew Basics Videos


Learn the basics of Crew in under 10 minutes through this video series. For optimal viewing, we recommend watching these over Wifi.  

Let’s get started! 

Chats tab: Easily and effectively communicate with your team through group and private chats, @mentionsGold StarsAnnouncements, Team Files, and Tasks. Watch here:


Coworkers tab: Manage your team through inviting and removing coworkers, adding admins, and tracking the Gold Star Leaderboard. Watch here:


Calendar tab: Seamlessly distribute your team schedule through uploading a photo schedule and creating and editing shifts. Watch here:


Admin tab: Customize you and your team’s experience through organization settings, add-ons, and personal profiles. Watch here: 


More resources: Find answers to your questions on our Help Center. Or, contact Crew Support directly through the app! Watch here:

 Happy Crew-ing! 
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