How to Add Coworkers to Crew


Which plans can make this feature admin-only?     Pro, Enterprise

Any employee you want to add to your Organization in Crew must be invited to join the app. It’s easy to invite new coworkers to join, and you can do it in several different ways. Start by going to the Coworkers screen for your Organization. You can

  • Type in a new team member’s phone number and tap “Done,” or
  • Select them from your address book and tap “Done”


  • Use the QR Code feature, either as a print out, a URL, or a scan
  • Use the Private join page—coworkers can sign up directly on a private web page
  • Bulk Add (see Note for Admins)

You can also add employees from the Admin tab.

  1. Scroll down to “Manage coworkers”
  2. Tap on the “+” in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Select your adding method

This is one way to invite a coworker to join your Organization on Crew

What Happens Next

Your new team member will receive a text message with a convenient download link to Crew (unless they are using the Private Join Page or a QR code). Tapping on the link takes them to the app store, where they should download and open the app. Once they verify their phone number they’ll automatically be added to your Organization. It’s a good idea to let the new team member know that you’ve sent them an invitation to Crew so they’ll be looking out for it.

Your invitee will receive a text message that looks like this

Your invitee will receive a text message that looks like this

Team members will be identified in Crew by the exact name they were listed under in your address book, though this name can be changed later on. (See How to Change Your Profile Name.)

Once the person has joined, each employee in the Organization will receive an “Everyone” message to let them know someone new has joined the team.

The whole team will get a message to tell them a new member has joined

Notes for Admins

  • Subscribers to Crew Pro can choose to allow only Admins to add people to the Organization.
  • All Admins can choose to disable the Private join page for non-Admins.
  • Need to add your entire team to Crew? Select the option that states “Snap a photo of your team’s names and numbers and we’ll add them for you” and send us your team’s contact list.

Note for Team Members

If the some or all of the options for adding coworkers don’t show up in your Crew app, it may be because your Admin has designated adding coworkers as an Admin-only function.