What is Crew Basic?

The Crew app is a communication, scheduling, and employee recognition platform that helps keep teams on the same page about everything work-related.

What is Crew Basic?

Crew Basic is our free tier of service and it is ideal for small teams looking for free-form team communication. It allows you to easily connect with team members in real-time and disseminate important information.

What does Crew Basic offer?

  • Number of members  Crew Basic supports up to 5 users and 2 admins.
  • Communications  Keep your team on the same page with real-time communication, whether that be through group messages, direct messages, or announcements
  • Scheduling  Share schedules with your team by posting a photo schedule, creating shifts directly through the app, or using our Excel template. Limit this feature to only admins with Crew Pro 
  • Shift coverage  Teammates can quickly find shift coverage with the tap of a button
  • Tasks  Anyone in your organization can assign tasks to themselves and/or others. To limit this feature to only admins, upgrade to Crew Pro
  • Calls  Make calls directly through the Crew app without using any phone plan minutes. Make this an admin-only feature by upgrading to Crew Pro
  • Birthdays  Create a personalized team environment by wishing your teammates a happy birthday on their special day.
  • Recognition  Recognize and encourage teammates for a job well-done with our built-in Gold Star Recognition feature. Any member can purchase gold stars through their profiles, and upgrading to Crew Pro will get admins free stars each month.
  • Add-ons  Crew Basic gives you limited access to add-ons such as Scheduling, Tasks, and Calls. To unlock additional add-ons such as Employee Availability, Time Off, Team Files, and Scheduling Integrations, consider upgrading to Crew Pro
  • Support  Quickly find answers to your questions through the Crew Help Center 

While Crew Basic is great for free-form team communications, Crew Pro offers a more structured option ideal for small businesses, as it offers more admin controls, along with a larger team size - explore Crew Pro.

For larger businesses and multi-team organizations, check out Crew Enterprise, a robust platform to unify workplace communication. To find the right version of Crew for you, explore all options here.