How to Join Your Company’s Organization on Crew

In order to join your company’s Organization on Crew you’ll need some help from one of your coworkers already using the app. There are two ways to get it.

How to join the team

1. You can get an invitation from an Organization Admin, usually your manager or team leader. You’ll receive a text or email with a link. Click on it to download the app and you’ll automatically be added to the Organization. The invitation may also be sent via a Private join page. If an Admin has enabled the coworker-invite capability, you may be able to ask a fellow employee to send you the invitation instead.

    This text contains a link that you can click on to be added to your company’s Organization on Crew

2. You can use a QR code. Your manager has access to a QR code in the Crew app and can send it to you, or pull it up for you to scan using your device’s camera. You’ll then automatically be added to your Organization. 

You’ve successfully joined your company’s Organization on Crew!

Each employee in the Organization will receive an “Everyone” message to let them know you’ve joined the team.

    The whole team will get a message to tell them you’ve joined

Help—I can’t find my team!

If you are connected to the Crew app but can’t connect with any of your coworkers there, you may have accidentally created a duplicate Organization, with yourself as the only employee. This can happen if you download the Crew app and follow the prompt to “create a new organization” without waiting for an invitation or QR code from your Organization’s Admin.

You may have accidentally created a brand new organization

(You will not be able to search for your company name in the app or to access it directly from, even if you’re attempting to join a group of coworkers who are already on Crew.)

If you find yourself alone in a duplicate Organization, you should remove anyone you yourself have invited to the duplicate organization, and then delete yourself. This action will also delete the entire Organization from Crew. 


Note  With a QR code you do have the ability to join the Organization by downloading the app directly from the app store. Select “Join Existing” instead of “create a new organization” and use your QR code from there.


With a QR code you can join directly from the app