Getting Started With Crew

How do I get started with Crew?

There are two ways to begin with the Crew app, depending on who you are in the company.

Creating a New Organization (new Admins

First Create a Crew account.

  1. Go to, or download the Crew app on your phone through the Apple store or Google Play store
  2. Tap on “Get Crew”
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Enter the PIN that will be sent to your phone via text (or you can choose to receive it via phone call)

Your phone number will continue to be your Crew login, and you can also use it to log into Crew on devices other than a phone, like an iPad, or when accessing Crew through the Web.

Next Set up your basic profile information and your Organization on Crew

  1. Type in your name and, if you’d like, add your picture. This is how you will appear to your team members in the app, but you can change the photo or edit how your name appears later, if you need to.
  2. Tap “Next”
  3. Give your new Organization a name
  4. Tap “Next” again
  5. Add coworkers to the Organization, manually or through your address book, Or
  6. “Skip” this step for now and go directly to the Welcome page.

If you choose to invite coworkers at a later time, just go to the Coworkers tab in the Navigation bar at the bottom of the app screen. You’ll find several ways to invite new employees (QR code, phone number, etc.), or, if you have a large team, we’d be happy to help invite them for you! Contact Crew Support for assistance.

Note Want to invite a team member who uses a device without a phone number, like a tablet? No problem; those employees can still connect with your Organization on Crew. Click here for more details.

You can also stay connected with employees who can’t download the app through our SMS relay option. Click here to find out more.

Creating New Admins

Most Organizations need at least two team members who are designated as Admins for the app, so that the team is covered if one Admin is away. In some Organizations, the administrative duties and responsibilities are also divided between several people. And it’s easy to designate any coworker as an Admin. Click here to find out more about it.

How do I join my team on Crew?

Joining an Existing Organization (new team members)

To become a part of your team’s Organizationsomeone from that Organization needs to invite you to join Crew. Reach out to someone on your team, have them open the Crew app and head to the Coworkers tab. They can add your phone number directly, or choose one of several other methods of extending an invite, including QR code or the Private Join page. Once you log into your Crew account you can start communicating with your team!

Note Admin subscribers to Crew Pro can set invite capability to “Admin only.” If your coworker doesn’t see the invite options in their Coworkers tab, you’ll need to ask an Admin to send you the invite you need to join the Organization. 

Some Details About the Crew App

As you’re about to get started with Crew, you may have some questions about the nuts and bolts of the app. Take a look at some of the articles below, or get in touch with Crew Support.

Welcome aboard!