What Is the Difference Between an Organization and a Group?

There are two ways to classify your coworkers in Crew: Organizations and Groups. Organizations are usually a company or a specific location of a company (e.g. “McDonalds #1234”), and organizations usually contain many groups. Some examples of the most common groups we see are “Managers,” “Waitstaff,” “Kitchen,” etc.

This is a conceptual representation of the relationship between organizations and groups.


You can create as many organizations as you want. Most Crew users have only one main organization. Some companies, however, create multiple organizations when large groups of workers don’t usually interact. For example, companies with multiple locations frequently create one organization per location, and one additional organization just for management across all the locations (so that management can communicate). (Questions? See How Many Organizations Do I Need?) You can switch between organizations and create new ones from the Organization Selector.


You can see all the organizations you’re a member of from the Organization Selector

Groups, on the other hand exist, only within a single organization. Some new groups are created automatically. For example, “Everyone @ [your org. name]” is appears automatically when you create an organization, and is based on all users in your organization. Sending a message to a group causes all group members to receive the message.


The Groups list on your Coworkers screen, including the option for creating a new group

Creating more groups is easy—from the Coworkers screen tap the “New Group” button at the bottom of your Groups list.