Wendy’s WMX Schedule Upload: Sync Your Schedule to Crew


Which plans can use this feature?     Enterprise (for an additional fee)



Crew enables schedule data to be imported from WMX—Wendy’s proprietary employee scheduling software. If you use WMX for creating and managing your team’s schedule, you can easily sync that schedule to Crew.

Note This is a one-way sync from WMX to Crew. Adding, editing or removing shifts from Crew will not be reflected in WMX.

This automatic file upload is available to Wendy’s locations using Crew Enterprise. To learn more about Crew Enterprise, please get in touch

Exporting the Schedule from WMX

  1. Create your schedule in WMX as you normally would
    1. Ensure that the schedule displays the total hours per employee
  2. You’ll need to download the schedule—with employee phones numbers shown on the schedule—in order to import it into Crew
    1. Click on Reports
    2. Click on Weekly Schedule and US Posted Schedule
    3. Click Advanced
    4. Check the box for Employee Phone Number
    5. Click OK
    6. Click the Export icon in the top left corner
    7. Change the Format to Microsoft Excel 97-2000 (XLS)
    8. Click OK (multiple times) to complete the export
    9. Save the file anywhere you choose

Importing the Schedule to Crew

As part of your onboarding to Crew Enterprise, your Crew organization will be provided with a dedicated crew.io email address. Once you’ve exported the properly formatted schedule from WMX, send an email with the file attached to that email address. The subject and body of the email do not matter (and can be left blank).

Once the file is received and processed—typically within a few minutes—you will see the schedule data populate within the Crew app.  

Matching Users between WMX and Crew

  • Users with Matching Phone Numbers For users who have a phone number in WMX that matches their phone number in Crew, their shifts will automatically be assigned to them in Crew.
  • Users with No Phone Number in WMX For users who do not have a phone number in WMX, they will appear as “Not added to Crew yet” in Crew. The best way to reconcile these users is to add their phone numbers in WMX; then all future imports of the schedule will automatically match those users’ shifts.
  • Users with an Unknown Phone Number For users who have a phone number in WMX that does not match the phone number they are using for Crew, they will appear as “Not added to Crew yet” in Crew. The best way to reconcile these users is to add their phone number in WMX; then all future imports of the schedule will automatically match those users’ shifts.

Keeping Data in Sync Between WMX and Crew

  • Schedule Changes in Crew As noted, this is a one-way sync from WMX to Crew, which means that any changes that take place in Crew (e.g. a shift swap) would not automatically be reflected in WMX. That would require making the edit manually in WMX to reflect what has happened in Crew. Changes made from either side, however, would be reflected in Crew. (See Example 1 below.)
  • Changes Made in WMX After the initial import of data, only unique data will be applied in Crew from any subsequent WMX data files. That is, reassignments, changes in shift time, new shifts, etc. that differ from those in the initial import for a specific week will appear. (See Example 2 below.) If a change is made via WMX import, the affected team member/s will receive a Push Notification letting them know about it.
  • Changes Made in Crew After the initial import of data from WMX, any changes made in Crew, and only in Crew, will not be overwritten by data imports from WMX. (See Example 3 below.)

Example 1—Shift Swap

  • John is scheduled in WMX to work the Monday 5-11pm shift. The schedule is posted to Crew, and that shift appears in Crew as assigned to John.
  • John then swaps that shift with Jane, in Crew. Now it is Jane who is scheduled to work the Monday 5-11pm shift in Crew.
  • After that swap occurs, the schedule from WMX is re-posted to Crew. WMX still says that John is scheduled to work the Monday 5-11pm shift, because the change was not made in WMX. When the schedule is re-posted, it will not overwrite what is in Crew, which will still reflect that Jane has taken over John’s shift.  

Example 2—Change in WMX

  • A manager creates a shift from 12-5pm in WMX and posts it to Crew. John and Jane are both scheduled to work that shift.
  • The manager then makes a change to that shift in WMX, shortening it to 12-4pm. After this change is made, the schedule is re-posted to Crew. The change will be reflected in Crew, and John’s and Jane’s shifts will show as being from 12-4pm in both WMX and Crew.

Example 3—Change in WMX AND Change in Crew

  • A manager creates a shift from 12-5pm in WMX, assigns both John and Jane to the shift, and posts the schedule to Crew.
  • The manager then requests someone else to work that shift as well, in Crew, and Jill picks up the open shift. Now John, Jane and Jill are all scheduled to work in Crew, but Jill is not scheduled for that shift in WMX.
  • Then the manager extends that shift in WMX from 12-6pm and reposts the schedule to Crew. In Crew, both John’s and Jane’s shift will appear as 12-6pm, but Jill’s shift in Crew will still appear as 12-5pm; her assignment to the shift did not occur in WMX, and so was could not reflect the WMX change made to the shift time.