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Upgrade and Manage Your Subscription

For more admin controls, you can upgrade from Crew Basic to Crew Pro or Crew Enterprise. Crew Pro is optimized for single-location businesses or individual teams, while Crew Enterprise is built for businesses and organizations looking to unify their communications across multiple locations or multiple teams. This article covers how to upgrade and manage both subscription types. 

Upgrade to Crew Pro 

There are two ways to upgrade your Crew organization from Crew Basic to Crew Pro.

  1. Purchase Pro through an in-app upgrade via Apple's App Store or the Google Play Store
    1. From your Admin tab in the Crew app, tap Add in the Crew Pro section to select your desired plan
  2. Purchase Pro with a specific card (including debit, credit, or company cards)
    1. Log into your account on our web app at crewapp.com
    2. Click on Upgrade to Pro in the top right corner
    3. Click on Pricing plans and choose your desired plan
    4. Enter your credit or debit card information

Note  If you do not see an Admin tab, this means you are not an admin and will need to reach out to an organization admin to assist you.  


For one organization, Crew Pro is $29.99 a month. To purchase Pro for multiple organizations, you'll need to purchase Pro for each organization through our web app at crewapp.com.

Manage your Crew Pro subscription

If you purchased Crew Pro through your phone's app store, you must manage your subscription through that channel. This includes updating payment info, obtaining invoices or receipts, and cancelling the subscription

If you purchased Crew Pro directly through us at crewapp.com, reach out to Crew Support for assistance with updating your payment info, obtaining invoices or receipts, and cancelling the subscription.

Upgrade to Crew Enterprise 

Fill out this form to learn more about Crew Enterprise and get a quote!

Manage your Crew Enterprise subscription

To make adjustments to your subscription, please reach out to your dedicated Crew Customer Success Manager.