Message Scheduling


Which plans can use this feature?     Enterprise


Message Scheduling allows you to time your communications so you can send a message when you know that your recipient is at work and on the job. Using scheduling data, the feature will advise you if the person is not working, and you’ll be prompted to send your message later, when you know they’ll be most likely to see it. You can also choose to send your message now anyway, knowing that it will be in their in box when they return.


Message Scheduling applies to one-on-one messages.

Enabling Message Scheduling

This feature is available to Crew Enterprise subscribers. Please reach out to your Crew Customer Success Manager to get started.

Sending a Message

If you tap the Send icon on a message to a recipient who’s off the clock, you’ll see a page letting you know that your message delivery will be delayed. (You’ll also see a status message under the recipient’s name letting you know that they’re “Not working,” if this Enterprise-only feature has been enabled for your Organization.)

    You’ll have the option to delay your message or send it now

From this screen you have two options

  • “No, send now”
  • “Okay”

“Send now” will add your message to the recipient’s in-box, and send them a Notification, just as if they were at work.

“Okay” means that your message will be waiting for that person when they return to work, and they will not receive a Notification about it.

If you decide to delay the sending of your message at the time of writing it, you can change your mind later and decided to send it to the recipient’s in-box anyway. You can do this from the Message Details screen.

     You can change your mind from Message Details

Receiving Messages When You’re Not at Work

When the Crew app knows that you’re not working, because you’re not scheduled, your fellow team members can decide to delay the messages they want to send to you. If you decide to check into the Crew app while you’re not working anyway, you’ll see a line item in your Chats tab letting you know that you have [#] messages waiting for you on your return, i.e. messages that the senders have decided can wait until you’ve returned to work.

If you decide to read those messages before returning to work, you’ll need to tap on that line item and tap on a specific message to open it.

        You’ll need to specifically open a message to read it when you’re off the clock

Of course once they’ve been read, any messages you chose to look at will register as having been read, as usual.

If you decide to wait on reading your messages until you return to work, you’ll receive a special Notification letting you know that you have messages waiting to be read, and they’ll appear as usual in your Chats tab.