Pulse Integration: Domino’s Schedules Automatically Shared in Crew


Which plans can use this feature?     Enterprise (for an additional fee)


Domino’s stores can integrate Crew with Pulse to automatically get their schedules posted to Crew. Once a schedule is created in Pulse, a photo of it will immediately be sent to employees through our Pulse integration. This removes double entry for managers, as they no longer have to upload a PDF of the schedule or take a picture of one posted on the wall.

Employees receive a notification when the schedule is posted. If a manager publishes schedule updates, employees will also be notified.

To set up the integration

  1. Go to the Admin tab and tap “Add” for the Pulse add-on
  2. Click the button to generate a dedicated email address for the Pulse integration
  3. Within Pulse, add this email address to your distribution list
  4. When a schedule is published in Pulse, its photo will be automatically shared on Crew


Note Schedules must actually be “published” in order for the integration to work properly.